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What is the Montessori approach all about?

There have been countless articles and books published about Montessori. But how can you really learn about Montessori without actually trying it out? Keep reading to do both–learn about the principles behind Montessori and get tips for trying out this hands-on approach.

Encouraging independence, creativity & kindness.

Montessori as an approach to learning was first introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori. This approach focuses on getting to know the child, encouraging independence in everyday moments, and guiding the child in learning skills that will help them be successful and kind. Dr. Montessori was a revolutionary during her time, encouraging respect for the child as well as peaceful resolution among adults.

While originally used in schools, Montessori is now widely used at home by parents and caretakers. The difference between Montessori and other approaches is the emphasis on helping children be independent as well as the use of natural toys & materials, and taking advantage of everyday learning moments in the home.

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Instilling a genuine love of reading that lasts a lifetime.

Teacher smiling and child reading.

When children don’t like with reading it’s usually not because there is something wrong with the child, but because we’ve done something wrong as adults to discourage them. Thankfully we can change that.” -Alicia

Learn about Montessori as an Approach to Reading

The question is not whether a child can read at the age of three, but how? In Montessori, the process of learning to read begins long before children touch the pages of a book. It begins when children are very young, by spending time doing activities known as practical life–the cleaning, cooking, folding, fixing that is usually considered the work of the adults.

In Montessori, children are invited to join in and help with this type of household work. This means children help with setting the table, putting dishes away, folding laundry and watering plants. Long ago, Dr. Montessori discovered that these activities help develop skills in coordination, organization and problem solving that help prepare the brain for learning more complex skills such as reading later on.

Reading Resources for Parents and Educators

Looking for resources to learn about Montessori & help children with reading?

While there are many books and beginning readers out there, it’s not always easy to find ones that are aligned with the Montessori approach to reading. Linked below is a collection of teacher-created decodable books that provide sight word practice and help develop children’s vocabulary. You’ll also find recommended Montessori-aligned books to learn more and help positively support children’s learning and development.

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