Maria Montessori

 Although her career began in medicine, Maria Montessori is most known for her contributions to the world of education and childhood development globally. Both her mother and father were well-educated, and she followed in these steps, not knowing she would one day revolutionize education with her work.  

The Montessori approach provides children with hands-on learning experiences in an environment that caters to their interests & developmental growth.

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The Montessori Method

Dr. Montessori identified key fundamental factors that help facilitate the child’s natural development, so that the child may learn and grow into a happy & healthy human being.

The modest design of these incomplete notes is to give the results of an experiment that apparently opens the way for putting into practice those new principles of science which in these last years are tending to revolutionize the work of education.”
Maria Montessori
The Montessori Method, Chapter One

Follow the Child

Be intentionally aware of the child’s interests and motivation.  Provide freedom for the child to choose and un-choose activities.

Prepare the Environment

Have child-sized furniture & items of frequent, everyday use readily accessible to the child along with a consistent place to return them to. 

Foster Independence

Provide  opportunities for children to complete tasks on their own and, as adults, help only when they need or ask you to.

Dr. Montessori’s theories of education were based on careful observation of the child and their interaction with the environment. The ideas Dr. Montessori derived from these observations aligned with the findings of other great thinkers of her time, and still resonate today.  Thus, providing a strong argument for the efficacy of her method.

Montessori at Home

When applied to parenting, the Montessori approach helps provide children with an environment that is engaging but not over-stimulating.  The child’s home engages their curiosity by way of open-ended toys made of natural materials that help refine their senses. Learn more about implementing Montessori practices at home.→

Montessori in the classroom

In schools, whether in a  Montessori classroom or other educational model, the Montessori approach to developing language & math concepts can help improve student achievement by providing practice with concrete materials that lead to students grasping fundamental concepts before transitioning to more abstract thought. 

Learn how Montessori can be used in the classroom to increase student achievement.→

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