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The search is over! Here are some of my top favorite recommended Montessori books and resources for implementing Montessori at home. You can also order a customized materials list for you child

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Principles of Montessori

Teaching Reading

This book is often on back-order & can be purchased via MaitriLearning and NAMTA as well.

This book is often on back-order & can can be purchased via second hand bookstores as well.

Hands-on Learning 🖐🏾

Wooden Shapes
Visual Discrimination

Wooden Screws
Fine Motor – Wrists

Shapes Sorter
Visual & Tactile

Homeschool 📓

Movable Alphabet
Beginning Writing

Peg Number Boards
One-to-One counting

Multiplication & Division
Concrete Math

Children’s Books 📚

Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set 1
Decoding CVC words

Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set 2
Blends & Digraphs

Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set 3
Chapter Book – Phonograms

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