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Montessori is an approach to learning and parenting that nurtures children’s natural learning potential and  fosters independence, creativity and kindness.

Learn how to create mindful Montessori spaces & implement best practices.

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An opportunity for parents & educators to learn about Montessori

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Join us for a complimentary  information session to learn about the principles of Montessori and how to implement Montessori in your home, school, or classroom.

For parents & educators of children in early childhood (from Birth-6).*This event will take place live via Zoom.

What others are saying…

Alicia presented the information about Montessori in a very approachable and relatable way. She had a strong grasp of the concepts and was able to translate them into concrete examples that were easily understandable. Overall I quite enjoyed the presentation and now feel interested in exploring Montessori teachings further. I look forward to new classes and workshops with Alicia!
Jake M.
New York
Alicia does an excellent job of making Montessori theory and practice digestible, applicable and real.  She draws from her experience as a passionate Montessori guide and Montessori parent to bring the concepts to life with examples and simple, approachable steps to implementation, while rooting everything in the big picture of nurturing the child’s sense of self, natural curiosity, independence & joy. 
Courtney B.
New Jersey
I’m so glad to have found Alicia! I started putting the loud flashy toys away and started doing simple projects with my daughter Luna. She seems so much happier and less fussy! When my husband came home, I told him to just watch her. I showed him the quote on your instagram about it. He is so shocked on how much more lively and interactive she a now.
Sandra C.

Meet Alicia

Alicia - Founder & Educator at Teach Learn Montessori, smiling

Hi! My name is Alicia.  I have 14 years education experience in public schools, private schools and as a national reading consultant.  I’ve done the work of obtaining a Master’s in education and training as a certified Montessori guide.  I’m also homeschooling with my two children using Montessori at home.

  I’m here to guide parents & teachers in learning about the principles of Montessori and how to use them to maximize children’s academic & social emotional learning.

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